Sethmar Transportation, a dynamic Kansas City-based company with a growing footprint, offers no-surprises shipping solutions its customers can count on. With capabilities including truckload, less-than-truckload, bulk, temperature-controlled and intermodal, Sethmar can handle everything from raw materials to finished, food-grade goods.

Led by a team of logistics industry veterans determined to create a better experience, Sethmar runs on trust, innovation and proven know-how. Those attributes, combined with infrastructure support including strategically-placed consolidation warehouses across the U.S., a robust cross-border program and advanced self-service tracking technology, allow Sethmar to align its solutions with your priorities.

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Why Sethmar

We know you have your choice of transportation vendors. We know, because we used to represent some of those vendors. But we took a chance on something better, and you should too.

Sethmar was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t have to lower your expectations when it comes to shipping logistics. Our culture is built around a spirit of freedom and innovation that allows us to pivot fast, launch new service offerings as needed, and take the risks that lead to real solutions.

Our team of experts has been in this business a long time. That means we see potential issues before they arise, and course-correct before there’s a problem. We empower our people to proactively find new ways forward — and if there isn’t a solution available, we’ll create one. Together.

We know that price and capacity can kick-start a relationship, but only dedicated service can turn that relationship into a long-lasting partnership. And that’s what we develop: Mutually beneficial partnerships focused on your success, no matter how the market evolves.

The excellence you expect from a logistics partner. Finally.

Our values

Sethmar won’t leave you wondering. We value proactive communication and connect with our partners regularly, even when things are going great. And when you reach out to us? Our commitment to responsiveness means a quick reply, no matter the hour.
Our people work hard. They worked hard to gain decades of industry experience before joining Sethmar, and they work even harder now that they’re building something they believe in. Their determination and persistence are the foundation of our business.
Lasting relationships thrive on transparency. Sethmar will never shy away from sharing a hard truth or admitting if our offerings aren’t the best fit for your needs. We value honesty in every partnership, every shipment and every interaction.
Even the most advanced self-service technology is no substitute for a real human connection. We strive to deliver a top-tier experience to everyone we partner with, and prioritize a single point of contact, in the form of a real-life human, whenever possible.
Our hands aren’t tied, and we aren’t afraid to try. Sethmar leadership empowers its people to explore outside-the-box options and take calculated risks, even when it’s scary. That’s how we develop new solutions, expand our service offerings and propel our business forward.
We’re always looking for new ways to exceed our partners’ expectations. When it seems like there’s no solution to a logistics puzzle, our people will say they just haven’t looked hard enough yet. Our experience means we can spot opportunities for innovation at every step of the way.
When it comes to … well, everything, including freight, we like to say ‘it takes what it takes.’ Our people find clever solutions to every challenge, and our company invests in the tools and technology they need to execute on those solutions.
The road to delivery doesn’t always run smoothly. We know that as well as anyone. We build trust by proactively alerting our partners of roadblocks (literal and figurative) as soon as they arise, and finding ways around those roadblocks, together.

Our history

Sethmar incorporated

July 1999

Current ownership purchases Sethmar

March 2017

Opens first outside office in Denver, CO

May 2018

First Forbes Top 100 Private Company starts to ship

May 2019

First time listed in Inc 5000 #147

Aug 2019

Opened office in Fayetteville

April 2020

Opened office in Chicago

July 2020

East (Elizabeth, NJ) and West (Benicia, CA) coast consolidation starts

July 2021

Kentucky consolidation open warehouse Elizabethtown, KY

May 2022

Mexico Cross Border Program launched

July 2022

Crossed 100M in annual sales

Nov 2022

Affiliate companies

Sethmar Transport

Our asset-based sister company plays a pivotal role in our go-to-market strategy, complements our existing business and gives you even more options for moving your freight.

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