Plastics & Packaging

From film wrap to food storage, bottle crates to plastic pallets … Sethmar delivers.

Sethmar specializes in tailored shipping solutions that cater to the unique needs of plastics and packaging businesses. We stay one step ahead of industry trends so we can anticipate and proactively meet your shipping demands.

We know how important supply chain coordination is to our plastics and packaging customers, so we work with you proactively to ensure timely pickups, the right equipment and real-time communication in advance of delivery. We know when you ask for a plate trailer, you really mean a plate trailer! We also offer ample insurance coverage and tailored risk mitigation strategies, so you know your product is safe all the way from the loading dock to its destination.

Whether you’re shipping rolls of film, dollies stacked with milk crates or a bulk trailer full of plastic pellets, our experts have you covered. Plus, we offer ample insurance coverage and risk mitigation strategy

No-surprises shipping solutions you can count on. And that’s a wrap.

Proactive partnership mindset

Solution-based service model

Advanced tracking technologies

Pro-grade pneumatic trailers

Solutions and services

Full Truckload (FTL)

Reserve the full space and weight capacity of an entire truck with FTL shipping, for dedicated shipments that will deliver your freight directly to its destination.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Move shipments as small as a single pallet with our LTL solutions: It’s like a carpool for your freight, providing robust access to trusted regional and national carrier partners.


When emergencies arise and speed matters most, Sethmar finds solutions to get your freight moving fast. With access to box trucks, team drivers and even air freight, we’ll get it there.


From frozen to chilled,or even from freezing, keep your product within a precise temperature range from door to door with refrigerated (reefer) trailer solutions.


Trust that your shipment stays in good hands — even after customs clearance — with the support of our fully bilingual, Mexico-based team members.


From 53’ to 20’ containers – Sethmar has the relationships and knows how to help navigate the seemingly complicated intermodal networks. We have direct relationships with all Class 1 railroads to help drive incremental capacity at competitive pricing.

Drayage & Warehousing

Sethmar services all major ports and offers storage and transloading. We also have a network of warehouse partners that are available when you need them.


Sethmar’s carrier connections mean plenty of flexible, innovative options for moving your pre-loaded trailer.


With both dry and liquid bulk capabilities, we leverage our carriers’ expertise and equipment for incomparable food-grade and non-food-grade bulk shipping solutions to make sure your needs are met, no matter what you need to ship.

Drop Trailer

Capacity optimization solutions like drop trailer shipping increase efficiency, improve load-time flexibility and increase odds for on-time delivery.


Sethmar’s flatbed solutions ensure safe, reliable passage for legal as well as oversized shipments. Tarps and straps? We’ve got those too!

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