Spotlight on: Cold chain capabilities

Cold chain 101: What is cold chain logistics?

Cold chain logistics is the process of managing and controlling the temperature of sensitive products from their point of origin to the end consumer, ensuring their integrity, safety and efficacy are preserved from point to point.

Keeping it cool with Sethmar

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods like foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, wine, beer and spirits, one thing matters above everything else: freshness.

Imagine a perfectly ripened strawberry or a meticulously-aged wine that needs to travel thousands of miles without any compromise in quality. Negligence at any point along its journey could be not just disappointing, but dangerous.

When you need to trust that your freight will remain fresh, and within a precise temperature range throughout its entire end-to-end journey, you can trust Sethmar.

Our expertise in cold chain logistics, the painstaking (and complicated!) process of maintaining a consistent temperature-controlled environment throughout the entire supply chain, means you never have to worry about the safety or quality of your temperature-sensitive product. Our cold chain solutions reduce transportation complexity, handovers and waste, so you can focus on your business while we handle your cold chain logistics.

By partnering with our logistics experts and our trusted carrier network, you can rest assured that your perishable goods remain in pristine condition, no matter their destination.

Along the cold chain journey

The cold chain journey starts in the production or manufacturing facility to a field, where perishable goods are stored in temperature-controlled environments, refrigerators or freezers. From there, many products are packaged into containers that help them maintain the necessary temperature.

Next, a logistics partner like Sethmar takes over. We transport the products via the best-fit mode of transportation, ensuring temperature consistency along the way. Our refrigerated trucks and always-on temperature monitoring equipment ensure freight maintains its required temperature range throughout the entire journey, even through warehousing and storage.

Why choose Sethmar?

Without full trust in your shipping partners, you can’t have full trust in the treatment of your products. Because maintaining a consistent temperature during transportation can be affected by external factors like weather conditions, delays, and logistical complexities, having a logistics partner to monitor, manage and overcome these challenges is of the utmost importance. Here’s how Sethmar handles it:

  1. Always-on temperature monitoring: When required, we can use advanced sensors and monitoring devices to continuously track and record temperature data at various stages of the transportation journey. Our access to this type of real-time data means we can identify any deviations immediately and take corrective measures promptly.
  2. Modern refrigerated transportation: Sethmar owns, operates and brokers specialized vehicles equipped with cooling systems, such as refrigerated trucks or reefer containers, to maintain your required temperature range throughout the journey. These vehicles use sophisticated refrigeration units to regulate and monitor the internal temperature.
  3. Redundancies: Sethmar offers redundancy options that ensure the integrity of your product even if a reefer unit were to fail. Thanks to our large network of trusted cold storage partners, we have the cross-country ability to quickly and efficiently cross-dock or place the product in storage so your shipment is never compromised.
  4. Diligent carrier partner vetting: Even the most advanced equipment and technology in the world is ineffective in the wrong hands. That’s why we carefully vet our trusted network of carriers and monitor their activity along every single cold chain load. We pay particular attention to double-brokering and other unacceptable practices that could affect the quality and delivery of your product.

The field of cold chain logistics is continuously evolving, driven by technological advancements and the need for more efficient and sustainable solutions. As it does, Sethmar will continue to advance our cold chain solutions as well.

Ready to move temperature-controlled freight, worry-free? Whatever it takes, Sethmar delivers.

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